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Block Red Trio

Noteworthy Cabs and Pinot Noir from our exclusive Vineyard Block Estate Series. Enjoy these delicious picks from acclaimed California and Washington wine districts: Diamond Mountain District Napa Valley, Russian River Valley and Walla Walla Valley.

Block White Trio

ABC-exclusive Chardonnays that will quickly become new favorites. As part of our Vineyard Block Estate Series, each wine is hand-selected by our team of experts for quality. Enjoy Chardonnays from Chalone, Santa Rita Hills and Sonoma Coast.

California Cabernet Wine Bundle

"California’s signature red grape, Cabernet has distinctive character and seems to do quite well everywhere it is grown. In warmer climates, like the West Coast, this varietal ripens well and offers an array of aromas and flavors including blackberry, black currant and cassis, and are usually medium to full-bodied. It’s all in the nuance, and every winery puts their own thumbprint on Cabernet. Why not open all six to compare and contrast the multitude of flavors and styles?" - Shayne Hebert, ABC Wine Expert

California Chardonnay Wine Bundle

“Chardonnay is often called a chameleon, as it often reflects its place and winemaking process rather than obvious varietal character. This bundle offers a glimpse into Chardonnay’s many faces, and there is something for everyone!” - Shayne Hebert, ABC Wine Expert, 35 years of experience

California Pinot Noir Wine Bundle

“This bundle represents a cross selection of styles from some of our best values in Pinot Noir. From the light, easy-drinking nature of the Prospector to the more opulent, lush style of the Suvali, this bundle offers a great introduction to this famed grape variety.” - Dave Malone, ABC Wine Expert, WSET Level 3